High-n-Low Pressure Cleaning Townsville

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At High-N-Low Pressure Cleaning Townsville, we specialise in pressure cleaning. 

You may be well aware of high pressure cleaning, where a high pressure water jet is used to scour the dirt off surfaces like your driveway, pathways and others, but you may not be as aware that some surfaces don’t respond well to such cleaning requirements, and require a more gentle touch.

For those kinds of surface, we have what is known as a Soft Wash process. This is when environmentally friendly chemicals are used to break down the stain and dirt in place of high-pressure water jets. Then, a low pressure water rinse cleanse rinses away the dirt and chemicals, leaving behind a pristine surface.

We offer pressure cleaning services for all manner of surfaces, from driveways, to roofs, to house exteriors, to patios and entertainment areas, to fences, and we provide those services for both residential home owners and all types of commercial and corporate business owners. If you have a parking lot that needs to be pressure cleaned, we are the cleaners for that job.

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