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Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Most people don’t think too much about washing their homes, thinking they can just let the rain do that. Or they think that just standing outside with a garden hose pointed randomly towards your home is enough. We shouldn’t be too surprised that that sort of home washing regime very rarely leaves your place as sparkling clean as you might like.
Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your beloved pride and joy car is leaving oil blots on your driveway? You go immediately to the mechanic, but do you do anything to clean up your driveway?
What about your patio, tucked away out of the sun for those beautiful afternoon sea breezes? It had once been a site to behold, somewhere you congregated with your friends and family to eat, drink and have fellowship. However, now, you don’t go out there any more, because of the weird mouldy stains you can’t remove.
And your roof? Do you think about how dirty the roof is, what kind of gunk and debris are up there hindering your drainage flow, or do you just hope the next storm will fix things right up?
These are things you should be thinking of … but that doesn’t mean that you actually need to do them yourselves. Because that is why we are here. Our contractors at High-N-Low Pressure Cleaning will pressure clean your house, pressure clean your driveway, pressure clean your roof … pretty much anything that requires a pressure clean, we will clean.

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pressure cleaning Townsville

And now would be a great time to mention that not only do we clean for domestic customers, we also do pressure cleaning services for many types of commercial customers. If you are in charge of offices, school and universities, shopfronts, housing complexes and townhouses … all manner of businesses, call us or leave your details in the quote form and our friendly staff will contact your shortly.

We will clean pathways, parking lots, tennis courts, pool decks, netball courts … and so much more. We even offer graffiti removal services for both commercial and domestic customers.

There is much we do. Everything we do, we will do in a reliable and respectful manner, always striving to leave to take care of your property and to leave it looking far better than when we arrived.

No job is too small, no job is too big, and nothing is too messy for us to clean.

So call our team of contractors, or leave your details in the instant quote form and our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.

About US

Townsville is a beautiful city – no one can deny that – and at High-N-Low Pressure Cleaning Townsville, we we want to see Townsville in the best light possible.
But just doing a good cleaning job is not enough for us. We also want to be known as a trustworthy, reliable company whose contractors go out of their ways to make you feel safe and cared for. Not only do we want to be your pressure cleaners now, we want you to come back to us again and again, and we know that can’t happen if we are late to our appointments, disrespectful to you, your family or your property, or are rude, obnoxious or a royal pain in the … backside. That is our goal; that you will come back to us again and again.
We are aware that whenever you have invited us on to your property, there must be a degree of trust between contractor and home/property owner. We will not merely consider ourselves as just cleaners of things, walls, roofs, driveways, patios, fences or decks … we are cleaners of things that you spent your hard-earned money on. You put your heart and soul into getting everything just right, and that is why we will treat every job with utmost responsibility and integrity.
If all this sounds like a business you would wanting cleaning your home, your roof, your driveways and all the other things … then here we are. Please call us or please put your information into the quote form and one of our staff will be happy to talk to you as soon as possible.
We hope to see you one day.

Pressure Cleaning in Townsville


House Washing Townsville

house washing Townsville

With a good tough house wash, you will be amazed at how much you can improve the look of your house. Getting rid of that grungy look, cleaning out all the mould and mildew, will protect your paint job and cut down the costs of having to call in someone to repaint your house. And, of course, if you are selling your house, you want it to look its best, and nothing screams ‘Looking its best’ better than a good clean.
Just note that not all exterior surface types can handle a high pressure cleaning, and in those situations, we will determine that a soft wash is the best way to go.

So give us a call for our House Washing Pressure Cleaning service.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Townsville

commercial pressure cleaning Townsville

Sometimes commercial businesses live and die based on their reputation. Dirty greasy brick walls, oil covered driveways, mouldy, grimy pathways do nothing to help a business’ reputation.
We tell ourselves not to judge a book by its cover, but we do it all the time. First impressions usually last. So a client coming into your place of business, seeing that dirty, grimy pathway leading into a mouldy, grimy entranceway will not have the kind of first impression of your business that you want.
Getting someone to change their first impressions is very difficult. But it’s not only about those first impressions, either.
Health and safety is also clearly important, too. Oil spotted driveways, covered with grime can be slippery in the wet; footpaths spotted with weeds in the cracks can easily become tripping hazards.
All of the services available to residential owners are also available to our commercial business owners. So if you have problem with grimy, dirt encrusted pathways, pool decks, walls and roofs, we should be your first point of call. We will also enthusiastically clean parking lots and concrete sports fields, like tennis courts, netball and basketball courts, and skate rinks.
Even if it is a big job, we will handle it. We look forward to handling the big jobs. And if your business requires special times for the cleaning to be done, we will aim to work around your requirements.
So call us, or put your details in the contact form and submit it. Our friendly staff are looking forward to talking to you about how best to clean your business’ surfaces.

Roof Cleaning Townsville

roof cleaning Townsville

Often the only time we think of our roofs is when we see that someone’s roof has been blown off in a storm. Usually it just sits there, keeping us from getting sunburned on sunny days or wet on rainy days.
But your roof needs a bit of maintenance, and the least we can do is give it a bit of a clean every now and then to get rid of the dirt and debris that have congregated up there over the years.

Algae and fungus can damage your shingles; pooling water can cause your roof to rot and destroy your shingles. When you avail yourself of our roof cleaning Townsville service, you are adding years to its life and saving repair money at the same time.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning Townsville

driveway cleaning Townsville

Concrete driveways absorb the liquid that it comes in contact with, like the oil that drips from your car. Over time, your driveway looks worse as worse, as it absorbs oil and dirt and grime.

You can get rid of the oil stains, mould and mildew by calling us to pressure clean your driveway. It will once again look like new, giving your house a please curb side appeal that is particularly important if you are looking to sell.

Fence Cleaning Townsville

fence cleaning Townsville

If your fences are wooden, years of rain and storms can leave them looking a bit sorry … faded and dirty and screaming out for a fresh paint of coat. Pressure cleaning your fence will get it dirt-free for its new coat of paint.
And even if you don’t want to splash out on a new repaint, a simple fence pressure clean will give your fence a new lease on life, scraping off the years of grime and debris and rediscovering the original look.

Patio and Deck Cleaning Townsville

deck pressure cleaning Townsville

Your patios and decks are where you bring your friends and family to when they come over. You get the barbecue going, the kids play in the yard, and everyone sits down and relaxes in the sea breeze. If there is a heaven on earth, it is happening in your back yard.
But years of rain and neglect over time brings mould and mildew stains; your deck and patio become dirty and grimy, and it’s no longer the place you want to bring your family and friends.
There is no need for that because a professional, non-toxic Patio and Deck pressure clean will bring your patio and deck back from the brink and into the light once more.

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At High-N-Low Pressure Cleaning Townsville, we want to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. This requires us to strive to not only be the most highly-skilled, experienced and professional pressure cleaning contractors, but to also be reliable, trust-worthy and respectful to you, your family and your property.

Please give us a call today, or fill in our quote form and one of our friendly staff will call you soon.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Can You Describe What Pressure Cleaning Is?

Some people use the terms ‘Pressure Cleaning’ and ‘Pressure Washing’ interchangeably. Put simply, what we do is use water under pressure to get through all that really ground in tough dirt that your normal garden hose washing method can’t remove (even if you use the hold-your-thumb-over-the-end method).

And just how much pressure does this process have? Think 200 times atmospheric pressure, concentrated into a narrow jet of water. Every single water drop is hitting the ground at such speed that you could think of each drop as if it were its own tiny pick-axe. This means that dirt, dust and debris are pummelled into submission, and dislodged from the surface under the constant attack of these tiny little axes.

Is High Pressure Washing Suitable For All Surface Types?

High Pressure Cleaning (or washing) works brilliantly well for all manners of hard, tough surfaces. Think concrete or metal or brick or surfaces like that. But there are quite a few surfaces where a high pressure cleaning would damage the surface. Like the shingles on your roof.
That is when we would use a ‘soft wash’ approach, instead of a High Pressure Clean.
With the soft wash approach, we don’t use a high-pressure water stream of tiny little ‘pick-axes’ to batter the dirt and grime into submission; instead, we use environmentally-healthy chemicals that break down the contaminants we want to get rid of, and then a low­ pressure water soak will dislodge those contaminants from your surface.
So, while there is something satisfying about getting out the big blaster high-pressure water system, sometimes a more gentle hand is required. And we’ve been around long enough to know which approach works best in each situation.

Why Should I Even Bother Cleaning My Surfaces?

We all know that over time things build up. On surfaces like your walls, those things could be dirt and dust, or grime and algae. Anyone who has a car parked on your driveway knows that, over time, you’ll get the occasional (or, depending on how much of a lemon the car was, frequent) oil leaks. On your decks, you might get mud and leaves and debris. Wood and brickwork might attract algae, and your concrete surfaces might get a build of ooze and gunk discolouring it.
But, still, why bother cleaning it?
If you, or any of your family, or any people that comes to visit your house, has breathing issues like asthma, a build up of dust, mould, mildew and the like could exasperate those issues. Not getting rid of the gunk and junk that settle on the roof might cause rainwater to pool and collect, possibly causing your roof to rot or get water damaged. A build up of mud and dead leaves might cause a slipping hazard to yourself, your family or any of your guests.
And of course, things just look better when clean. Surfaces like your driveway begin to absorb the oil that falls on to it, leaving it discoloured and an eye-sore. The overall curb-side look of your house lessens, and this is a big no-no if you are trying to sell.

How Often Should I Get My Surfaces Cleaned?

Like a lot of ‘How Often’ questions, the answer becomes ‘It depends’, and in regards to this question, it depends what type of environments are likely to affect your surfaces? So, if you have tall trees, they will likely drop leaves and seeds, and this will cause issues for your roofs and driveways. If there are a lot of birds around (particularly if they are attracted to the dropped seeds), this will compound the problem.
Area that don’t see the sun, but do have to contend with rain runoff, may experience issues with mould. Surfaces with high foot traffic will also experience more regular cleaning, and if your car is particularly bad at holding its oil, your driveways will need extra attention.
But a good rule of thumb is every 6 or 12 months.
But there are one-off reasons to get your surfaces pressure cleaned as well.

  • If you want to re-paint your fence, a high-pressure cleaning that isn’t concerned about removing the paint that is already there, will get your fence cleaned and ready to be painted.
  • If you experience graffiti vandalism.
  • You are moving out, and putting your house on sale. A professionally pressure cleaned house and property can add curb side appeal to your house and increase the selling price considerably.
  • And, of course, there are many more.

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